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A - abrasion, absorbency, abstract, abstract art, Abstract Expressionism, academic, academy, acanthus, access, acetate film, acid-free paper, acquisition, acta, acts, adhesive, adhesive binding, advertising, aesthetics, airbrush, alabaster, alb, album, album cover, alkaline paper, all-rag paper, allegory, altarpiece, alternative space, anamorphosis, annotation, announcement, annual, annunciation, antiquarian bookseller, antique, apocalypse, Apocrypha, apostle, applied arts, appraisal, appropriation, approval plan, apse, aquatint, arcade, Arcadia, arch, archaeology, architectonic, architecture, architrave, archive, archivist, art, art deco, art director, art history, art lending programme, art nouveau, art object, art paper, art school, artefact, artist, artist's book, artist's proof, artiste, assemblage, atelier, attribute, attribution, auction catalogue, audio-cassette, audio-visual materials, Augsburg Confession, aureole, author, authority file, autobiography, automation, automatism, avant-garde, Avignon,

B - Bacchus, back, back issue, backing, balustrade, baptistery, baroque, barrel vault, basilica, Battle of Lepanto, Bauhaus, biannual, bibliographer, bibliography, Biedermeier, biennial, bimonthly, binder, binding, biscuit, bitumen, blanket order, Bloomsbury, blueprint, boards, book, book art, book jacket, book object, book review, bookbinding, booklet, bookplate, bookseller, bookshop, bookstacks, bookstock, bookwork, borrower, breaking copy, breviary, brittle books, broadsheet, brochure, bronze, buckram, bulletin, buttress,

C - cabinet, caduceus, caisson, call number, calligraphy, camera, camera obscura, campanile, canon, canvas, capital, caricature, carousel, carrel, Carthusian order, cartoon, cartouche, caryatid, case, cassette, cast, catalogue, catalogue raisonné, cataloguer, cathedral, cd, cellulose nitrate film, censorship, ceramics, chalice, chalk, chapter, charcoal, charging system, cherub, chiaroscuro, chivalry, choir, chromolithography, chronology, churrigueresque, cinema, circulation system, citation, claim, class number, classical, classicism, classification, classified catalogue, classmark, clearing-house, clerestory, client, clipping, clipping file, closed access, closed stacks, coated paper, cobra, codex, coffee-table book, collage, collate, collation, collection, collection development, collection management, collotype, colonnade, colophon, colour lithography, comic, comic book, comic paper, commemorative volume, commercial art, compact disk, compact shelving, compiler, compline, composition, computer, computerisation, congregation, connoisseurship, conservation, conservator, constructivism, consultant, contemporary, contents, continuation, contour, conventicle, conversation piece, copperplate engraving, copy, copy stand, copyright, copyright deposit, corbel, corpus, court, craft, criticism, crop, cropping, cross-reference, crozier, crucifixion, crumhorn, cubism, cupola, curator, curriculum vitae, cutting, cuttings file, cv,

D - dada, dado, danse macabre, data, database, de-accessioning, de-acidify, deacon, dealer, decadence, decorative arts, depository library, design, desktop publishing, dictionary, diptych, directory, disk, diskette, dissertation, distemper, document, documentation, dome, donor, doublet, drawing, duplicate, durable paper, dust jacket,

E - e-mail, easel, ecce homo, edition, edition de luxe, editor, Edwardian, electronic mail, electronic publishing, electrostatic process, Elizabethan, embossed, enamel, encapsulation, encyclopaedia, engraving, enlargement, ensemble, entablature, entry, ephemera, epitaph, eschatology, esthetics, etching, ethnic, Eucharist, evangelism, ex-libris, exchange, exhibition, exhibition catalogue, expressionism, extra-illustrated,

F - facsimile, fascicle, fashion, fashion plate, faun, fauvism, fax, festschrift, fete champetre, figurative, file, film, film still, fin de siecle, finding aid, fine arts, fine binding, fine press, flier, floppy disk, flyer, folio, folk art, foreword, form, formalism, format, foxing, frequency, fresco, frontispiece, frottage, futurism,

G - gallery, gathering, gazetteer, generation, genius, genre, genre painting, Georgian, gestural, glassine, glaze, glory, glossary, golden section, gothic, gouache, grand tour, graphic art, graphic arts, graphic design, graphics, graphite, Greek cross, grisaille, guard, guild,

H - half-tone, handbill, handbook, hard copy, hard disk, hardback, hardware, hatching, heraldry, heresy, hinge, history, holdings, hologram, house style, Hudson River school, humanism,

I - icon, iconoclasm, iconography, iconology, ill, illuminated manuscript, illumination, illustrated book, illustration, image, image bank, imaging, impasto, impost, impression, Impressionism, imprint, in print, index, indexing, indulgence, industrial design, information, information retrieval, information technology, inherent vice, initial, ink, insignia, installation, institution, intaglio, intercession, interdisciplinary, interior decoration, interior design, interlibrary loan, international standard book number, international standard serial number, investiture, Ionic order, isbn, issn, issue, it,

J - Jacobean, japanese tissue, journal,

K - keeper, keyword, kitsch,

L - lamination, landscape, landscape format, lantern-slide, laserdisk, Last Supper, layout, leaf, leaflet, lectern, legal deposit, lending library, letterpress, letterpress printing, liberal arts, librarian, librarianship, library, library instruction, library school, library science, light box, light table, light-sensitive, limited edition, linocut, list of contents, literature search, lithograph, lithography, little magazine, livre d'artiste, loan system, loggia, loose-leaf, love knot, luminism, lunette,

M - madrigal, magazine, magic realism, Magna Mater, magnetic tape, mail art, main entry, mannerism, mantle, manual, manuscript, marble, marbling, martyrdom, mass treatment, master copy, master negative film, masterpiece, mat, medallion, media, medium, medusa, memento mori, memorial volume, metal, mezzotint, microcard, microfiche, microfilm, microform, miniature, minimalism, miter, modernism, monochrome, monograph, monographic series, monotype, monthly, motion picture film, motto, mount, multiple, multiples, museum,

N - naive, naive art, narrative, naturalism, nave, negative, neoclassicism, nepotism, network, newsletter, newspaper, newsprint, nimbus, nitrate film, non-book materials, number,

O - object, objet d'art, oeuvre-catalogue, offprint, offset printing, oil paint, on-line system, op, op art, open access, optical disk, oratory, orientalist, original, original sin, ornament, out of print, outsider art, oversize, ownership mark,

P - page, pagination, painting, palaeography, pamphlet, panel, pantheon, papacy, paper, paperback, paperkeeper, parchment, part, passe-partout, passion, paste paper, pastel, pastiche, pastoral, patina, patrician, patron, pattern book, pavilion, pendant, perfect binding, performing arts, pergola, periodical, permanent collection, permanent paper, personification, perspective, phase box, phase conservation, phase preservation, phonodisc, photocopier, photocopy, photocopying machine, photograph, photography, photogravure, photolithography, physiognomy, picture, picture book, picture file, picture lending programme, picture plane, picture postcard, picture research, picturesque, pier, pieta, pigment, pilaster, plague, plane, plaster of Paris, plastic arts, plate, plinth, pointed arch, Pop Art, popular art, portfolio, portico, portrait, post binder, postcard, poster, postmodernism, pottery, pre-print, Pre-Raphaelite, preface, prefiguration, presbytery, preservation, preservation microfilming, press-cutting, prie-dieu, primary sources, primitivism, print, printed ephemera, printer, printing, private press, private view card, Prix de Rome, proceedings, production designer, proof, proportion, provenance, Psalter, publisher, purism, pvc,

Q - quadrature, quarterly, quattrocento,

R - rag paper, rare book, reader, reader-printer, reading room, realia, realism, rebinding, record, record cover, record sleeve, records, recto, refectory, reference, reference library, reformat, reformation, regency, reissue, relic, relief, relief printing, Renaissance, reorganisation, repair, report, representational, reprint, reproduce, reproduction, reprography, resin, resource, restoration, restorer, retrieval, retrospective bibliography, reversible, review, revised edition, rice paper, rilievo, ring binder, rococo, Romanesque, Romanist, romanticism, rosette, rubric, ruddle,

S - safety film, sales catalogue, salon, sanguine, satyr, scepticism, scholasticism, school, scrapbook, sculpture, secession, second-hand, section, selection, semi-annual, seraph, serial, series, sheet, shelve, shelving, silk screen printing, silverpoint, sinopia, sketch book, sleeve, slide, slide librarian, slide mount, slide viewer, slip-case, soffit, softback, software, solander box, spandrel, special collection, special library, spine, spiral binding, stacks, stage design, stamp, standing order, stencil, still, still life, stock, strip cartoon, Stuart, stucco, studio, style, subject bibliography, subject catalogue, subject heading, subject index, subject specialist, sublime, subscription, subtitle, supplement, supremacy, suprematism, surrealism, suspension file, symbolism,

T - table of contents, tape, tapestry, technical drawing, telefacsimile, tempera, terminal, text, thesis, tip-in, title, title page, tone, topiary, tracery, trade catalogue, transactions, translator, transparency, travelling exhibition, treasures, tribal, trinity, triptych, triumph, triumphal arch, Tudor, tympanum, typescript, typography, typology, tyrannicide,

U - union catalogue, unpublished, user,

V - vanishing point, vault, vellum, verso, vertical file, vespers, vestibule, victorian, video art, video cassette, videodisc, videotape, virtu, visual communication, visual resources curator, volume, volute,

W - watercolour, watermark, weeding, weekly, welding, Weltanschauung, withdrawal, wood engraving, woodcut, wrapper, writer,

X - xerography, xerox, xylography,

Y - yearbook,

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