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Peter Johannes Brandl


Petr Brandl ( Peter Johannes Brandl or Jan Petr Brandl) (October 24, 1668 – September 24, 1739) was a painter of the late Baroque, famous in his time but - due to isolation behind the Iron Curtain - rather forgotten until recently. He was of German-speaking Austrian descent in the bilingual kingdom of Bohemia, which is no longer existent, but whose center is the present-day Czech Republic. According to the Grove Dictionary of Art and other sources, Brandl was born into a craftsman’s family (his father seems to have been a goldsmith) and apprenticed around 1683–1688 to Kristián Schröder (1655–1702). Brandl employed strong chiaroscuro, areas of heavy impasto and very plastic as well as dramatic figures. The major art museum in Prague, called the National Gallery, has an entire hall devoted to the artist's works, including the wonderful "Bust of an Apostle" from some time before 1725.

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