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Kasimir Malevich


Kazimir Severinovich Malevich (Russian: Казимир Северинович Малевич, Belarusian: Казімір Малевіч, Polish: Kazimierz Malewicz, Ukrainian Казимір Северинович Малевич, German: Kasimir Malewitsch), (February 23, 1878 – May 15, 1935) was a Ukrainian and Russian painter and art theoretician of Polish descendance, pioneer of geometric abstract art and one of the most important members of the Russian avant-garde and Suprematist movement.

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malevich_krasnodar.jpg malevich_aeroplane-flying.jpg malevich_self-2d.jpg malevich_englishman-moscow.jpg malevich_reaper.jpg malevich_composition.jpg malevich_supremus-58.jpg malevich_black-red-square.jpg malevich_amsterdam.jpg malevich_supremus-56.jpg malevich_soldier-1st.jpg malevich_petersburg.jpg malevich_running-man.jpg malevich_aviator.jpg malevich_ludwigshafen.jpg malevich_half-figure.jpg malevich_new-york.jpg malevich_self-portrait.jpg malevich_peasant-woman.jpg malevich_black-square.jpg malevich_black-circle.jpg

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