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Josef Manes


Josef Mánes (May 12, 1820 - December 9, 1871, Prague) was a Czech painter.

He was taught by his father, Antonín Mánes (1784 - 1843), who was a landscape painter. Through his career he produced landscape paintings, portraits, and historical paintings, as well as the first uniform of the Sokol in 1862. Perhaps he's best known as the painter of the images of the twelve months added to the ancient Prague Astronomical Clock in 1870.

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Josef-Manes--Parpor-jednoty-Rip-v-Roudnici.jpg Josef-Manes--Martina-Kurnicova.jpg Josef-Manes--Horsky-mlyn.jpg Josef-Manes--Hvezdna-noc-(Dostavenicko).jpg Josef-Manes--Smrt-Lukase-z-Meydenu.jpg Josef-Manes--Cerven-medailon-Orloje.jpg Josef-Manes--Oldrich-a-Bozena.jpg Josef-Manes--Pri-mesicku.jpg Josef-Manes--Prijezd-hosta.jpg Josef-Manes--Pod-chalupou.jpg Josef-Manes--Cerven,-medailon-Orloje.jpg Josef-Manes--Jitrni-pisen.jpg Josef-Manes--Polibeni.jpg Josef-Manes--Ripsky-kraj.jpg Josef-Manes--Vecer.jpg Josef-Manes--Travenske-jezero.jpg Josef-Manes--Pohled-na-Gmunden.jpg Josef-Manes--Svadlena.jpg Josef-Manes--Venkovsky-kostelik.jpg Josef-Manes--Narozeni-Pane.jpg Josef-Manes--Studie-cervanku.jpg Josef-Manes--Pampeliska.jpg Josef-Manes--Cervene-parapatko.jpg

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